Hopes and dreams

Hi there friend, it’s me, Kate! ?? I’m a Kiwi wanderer who left New Zealand over two years ago. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog. Forever. It’s been niggling in the back of my mind. I’ve been based in London, but get out and travel as much as is humanly possible. So I decided, what have I got to lose? I often have people ask if I’m actually employed, and how I afford to do it all.

I’ve had friends ask on the regular for travel advice, so I figured, why not put it all in one place for all the friends to enjoy?! Peruse at your leisure, and get in touch with any questions to make some magic come alive for you too ✨

I hope to continue to add to it to give as much value as possible. I’ll always endeavour to use my own photos and recommendations of anywhere I think is totally fabulous.

If you’re anyone a bit unsure about travelling alone, travelling with a disagreeable bank account, or travelling at all, I’m your gal to inject a bit of wisdom to get you going and keep you afloat!


I’ve travelled through about 37 countries in the last two years, while (mostly) working full time, so hopefully I can help make it happen.

Try searching if you are looking for a keyword or country – this should help bring up anything related. I’m also adding links to other helpful pages to give you plenty to work with. If in doubt, get in touch!