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How to pack light

Have you ever wondered how best to tackle packing, to enable you to travel light? Mads and the team at Mighty Goods, a website dedicated to travel and finding the right gear, have kindly written a guest post on how to get the most out of your bag, so you can travel more freely!

How Can Backpackers Pack Minimal Luggage?

Gone are those days when people used to travel once a year or twice a year. Every weekend is now being added to a word called ‘getaway’, and there are so many people opting for the digital nomad life. Just as the tourism scene is evolving, so should the other things that it brings along. Here, we give you a guide to packing minimal so that you can travel light and make the most of your trip.

1. Choosing the right backpack

Our backpack determines how much load we can carry. Choosing a moderately-sized backpack or the one that goes right for your trip will be a wise decision. For instance, if you plan to go to Chiang Rai for a day you can choose the best daypacks. Don’t overburden yourself with a big bag and carry things that you don’t use every day. We do come up with thoughts that make us think that we’d need something extra, but they’re not always required.

2. First aid

First aid is definitely necessary, but you don’t need to carry strips of medicines or bottles of syrup. Take the bare minimum of what you can’t do without. Don’t forget an antiseptic liquid, cotton and some band-aids.

3. Minimise toiletries

If you are going to stay at a hotel, you will get all the toiletries you can need. Leave back the big bottles of shampoos and conditioners that you were planning to carry.
Minimal backpacking can also mean taking small amounts of all that you might need. This doesn’t add much to the weight and also lets you carry all that you require. Try to look out for travel packs to carry oil, shampoo, toothpaste, and soaps. These come in miniature versions of the original product and give you same quality and content.

4. Carry a pair of jeans

You can travel through Hanoi for two days and just wear one pair of jeans with a couple of tees. A good pair of jeans always saves you on luggage because you can wear them a little longer than any other sort of clothing.

5. Pack clothes smartly

Packing clothes smartly simply means that you can reuse them or have multiple uses to them. For examples, scarves and sarongs can be used like blankets, wraps or towels if needed. A black pair of leggings are always handy for a girl; they are easy to wash, lightweight, and take up very little space.

6. Don’t carry too many pairs of shoes

Spend big on a good pair of trekking shoes that can take you through rugged terrains. You want comfortable shoes that don’t just keep you going, but can also be worn anywhere else. Choosing the right pair of shoes can mean having to carry less in your backpack. This saves a lot on load and space.

7. Share the load

If you are trekking with a group of friends, you might have to carry all your basic necessities. These can include backpack water filters, camping equipment, stove for cooking, and more. It is easy to share the load of the things that you can jointly use. One person can take care of the cooking essentials, one person can be appointed to set up the tents, and one might simply carry the miscellaneous products.

8. Know where you’re going

Even in the most remote places, you will have access to food and cooking essentials. However, we don’t ask you to take risks. Before you book your tickets or just set out on an adventure, you should have a little idea about where you are going. Try to connect with the locals to know about the basic availability of food, sanitation, and transportation. If you figure out that you’ll have most things available on the way or at the destination, you can avoid carrying a little more load.

9. Don’t use too many pouches

Packing cubes are a nice idea to pack your necessities. You can even add them to a carry on backpack. Instead of using too many pouches, which can be hard to fit around each other, you could use a pair of socks to minimise your toiletries, cosmetics, and more.

10. Minimise electronics

Your electronics are smart but you need to use them smartly too. Carrying too much will take up a lot of your attention due to safety and security, but they also take you away from enjoying the perks of digital detox. If you are a working nomad, you’d definitely need the basic necessities to come along with you, but try to keep them to a minimum.

Now that you know how to pack light, you can also have a read on how to keep your stuff safe while travelling. I would love to hear how the team at Mighty Goods helped you pack your next trip, so do share your comments below.

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