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Hostel review: Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

If you’re thinking of stopping in Hoi An on your travels through Vietnam (which you totally should!), then get yourself to Hoi An Backpackers Hostel. It’s the latest in the Vietnam Backpackers Hostel brand. VBH is a chain that was started by two Aussie guys, and they have cool hostels throughout Vietnam, but this is by far their best!

We arrived in the middle of a fundraiser for the typhoon victims. They had live bands, raffles, food and clothing for sale. It’s the perfect venue for this kind of thing, such a massive communal area on the bottom floor!

Banh mi at Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

Their food is reasonably priced, and has typical Vietnamese dishes, plus meals like chicken Parma, carbonara, fish and chips, and Sunday roasts if you’re missing a bit of home! Their bar is well stocked, and drinks and cheap enough to drink at the hostel.

Breakfast is included each day, and is a buffet. There is scrambled and fried eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, bread and coffee. If this isn’t enough, you can order a full English, or muesli and yoghurt!

The beautiful pool at Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

There’s so many awesome spaces around the hostel, like the pool area which is beautiful, and chill out spaces on each floor. One floor even has movies playing three times a day if you need a good blob out!

Chill out space on each floor of Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

I know this will sound stupid to anyone who hasn’t spent time on the road, but their bathrooms are the nicest I’ve ever come across in a hostel. A rain shower head (yesss!) plenty of sinks, showers and toilets on each floor. The bedrooms are massive, with single beds (no bunks!) which means no getting woken up by your bunk mate. Each bed has its own light and power socket, plus two huge lockable storage lockers under the bed, which don’t squeak! Trust me, it’s the little things!

Amazing bathroom at Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

We rented bikes, which are 30,000 VND for the day from the hostel, and went to check out their brand new beach bar, Kahuna’s. It’s next-level amazing! A beautiful warm pool, massive kitchen, fairy lights, so much chill space! And cocktails to blow your socks off. Two drinks later and we couldn’t cycle straight!

The incredible Kahuna’s bar, part of Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

Every night there’s different events on. Karaoke, beer pong, live bands. You will be spoilt for choice to meet your fellow travellers!

The hostel staff are all friendly, and were helpful in booking onwards buses through the hostel. They are available anytime to answer questions about travel. They offer bike tours, cooking classes, basket boat tours and plenty more, to allow to to explore all of Hoi An.

Art at Hoi An Backpackers Hostel

As soon as you find yourself in Hoi An, make sure you’re checked into Hoi An Backpackers Hostel! You’ll find yourself in more of a resort than a hostel, and won’t be disappointed! If you know of anyone who would love this place too, make sure to share it around.

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