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Hostel review: Bura Surfhouse in Lagos

I’ve seen Bura surfhouse advertising all over my Facebook for a while now. I’ve planned imaginary holidays galore to Bura, and decided to finally bite the bullet and make it happen. I was not disappointed!

I arrived around midnight, and one of the girls on reception was really friendly (even at that hour!). She asked if I wanted to be given a rundown of activities, but I opted to go to bed and sort it all out in the morning.

Hammock on the roof of Bura Surfhouse

I woke up to the smell of pancakes; yes; I’m a sucker for hostel breakfasts! The pancakes are huge and delicious, and are made fresh by the staff. There’s even banana pancakes if you’re channelling a bit of Jack Johnson vibes. There’s also cereals and fruit to keep you going too.

Being close to the end of their season, the hostel was pretty quiet and they were winding down for winter. Keen for a break from the chaos of London, I went to find the beaches.

Half an hour walk from Bura, the beaches are magnificent. I couldn’t get over how beautiful they are. The first is a bit tricky to get down (there’s a giant barrier telling you not to…yolo!) but if you head along to the second one, there’s a hole in the rock that brings you back to the first one. Though maybe not quite as pretty, these were my favourite, as they had far less people.

Beautiful beaches of Lagos, near Bura Surfhouse

All the staff had recommended Beats and Burritos for food. I wandered back from the beach through town, and not much was open, but I did see this. I got their hummus bowl, which was a welcome mix of hummus, salad, sweet potato, and quinoa.

Delicious vege bowl at Beats and Burritos in Lagos

The hostel organised a barbecue the first night I was there. Giant homemade burgers and beer went down a treat. It was a cool way to get to meet everyone else, and find out what they had been up to for the day.

Inspirational quotes at Bura Surfhouse

I organised a surf lesson through the hostel, who use Extreme Algarve as their provider. It was €55 for a whole day, including lunch. They took us to the stunning Bordeira beach, and I felt I improved a lot over the day.

The stunning Bordeira beach, where Extreme Algarve teaches surf lessons for Bura Surfhouse

Opting for a group dinner, I joined the others at Nah Nah Bah, which is owned by the people that run the Rising Cock hostel. It’s menu is bound to put a smile on your face, and their burgers and fries are to die for. Literally. Their burgers are so big you’re bound to have a heart attack.

A quiz night organised by the hostel was a good way to get us mixing one night. I thought we had done well, turns out when you ask English about alcohol facts, it rockets them to the front of the pack. Who knew?!

Yoga on the roof of Bura Surfhouse

I did some yoga on the roof one morning, then had to get a bus to another town for the coasteering pickup. Coasteering was so good that I wrote a whole separate post on it, which you can find here.

I opted to make dinner one night, and joined others as we juggled stove tops. The kitchen is well stocked, and was easy enough to find everything.

If it’s chill you’re looking for, then look no further than Bura Surfhouse. It has such a cool vibe, and I had an awesome stay there. It so quickly felt like home, and I embraced my inner hobbit and lived in bare feet. The staff will make it a holiday to remember!

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