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The Pink Palace Hostel Corfu review

I arrived late into Corfu and was collected by my hostel, the Pink Palace hostel. I actually booked through Corfu Backpackers, since it was slightly cheaper, but is the same hostel. If you do this, make sure you get collected by them! If not, the address on google maps for Corfu Backpackers will put you on the other side of the island. A poor girl I met made this mistake, luckily she spoke Greek to find accommodation at 2am.

I arrived at 1am, and was tough finding my room down by the beach. It was a ten minute walk from reception, and would have made a lot more sense by daylight! It was better being roomed by the beach. Breakfast is served there, and it’s so easy to pop to the sea.

The night reception staff were really friendly, but some of the daytime ladies were a bit hard to get a smile out of. I managed to get everything I needed eventually though!

The view from the Pink Palace balcony

Breakfast was included, and pretty good for a hostel breakfast. Plenty of fresh watermelon, eggs and bacon a few ways, amazing fresh bread. Plenty of cereal yoghurt. Dinner was optional, and was €6. I’d totally recommend it! We got a soup, dinner and icecream, and they wait on you. They sit you in groups so you make friends easily. It’s really fun and social.

Every night the hostel has some kind of activity, which usually starts at the beach bar at midnight (no rest for the wicked!). Toga parties, male bikini contests, anything but clothes themes…plenty to get everyone mingling! The hostel does have a reputation for being a party hostel. I didn’t witness it but it sounds like sometimes it ends up pretty chaotic!

Quad bike tours in Corfu, with the Pink Palace hostel

There’s different activities running daily, usually quad biking, and then a kayak tour or boat party, depending on the sea. I did the quad bike tour, more on that here! They can also organise other trips into the old town, and possibly horse riding, but I didn’t make much progress with the reception ladies on this.

View from the Pink Palace hostel at sunset

It was a social hostel, with travellers from all over the world. I found it really easy to meet people, and they made it easy to mingle! I did get told that no matter what you do, don’t stay at Sunrock Hostel. A few people went there and had to leave because they really didn’t rate it.

There aren’t a lot of hostel options in Corfu. The Pink Palace hostel has a long (and maybe dated) reputation, but it was a great time. The Pink Palace isn’t five star, but if you’re looking for somewhere fun and social by the sea, you could definitely pick worse places!

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