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One night in Oslo

We ended up in Oslo while trying to get home from Croatia last year. Flights were £200 direct, or £100 via Oslo for a night. Why not save some money and have an adventure?!

We breezed through the airport, and quickly realised why Scandinavia was expensive. The whole airport was done in leather and dark wood. We definitely weren’t in cramped Croatian airports anymore!

We got the very smooth, efficient, wifi-included train into the city, and were extremely impressed. As we got off the train, a girl started speaking Norwegian to me. I didn’t understand, so went to ignore her, and then in perfect English, she said, ‘pull your skirt down, it’s tucked up into your backpack’. Oh the joys…

Our bus to the hostel was £5 (and I thought London was expensive!) so we vowed to walk from there on in. Our hostel wasn’t cheap, but it was the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in. Our thirty bed dorm didn’t feel like it at all, and the mattresses, duvet and pillow were literally made of cloud. Not sure how they harness them, but they did. The showers are on sensors, which is a great idea to save water, and burn calories. Nothing like dancing for your shower!

Central Oslo city

We made great use of our feet and strolled around the city. It’s all so beautiful and clean. The palace is incredible, we watched the guards change. They talked to us for a while, explaining that its part of their compulsory military service.

Changing of the guard in Oslo

The waterfront of the city is beautiful. The Red Bull contest was happening, with crazy carts ready to test their aerodynamic abilities while they throw themselves into the harbour.

The waterfront and opera house in Oslo

Being super broke at the end of a summer holiday, we opted to buy food from the supermarket near the hostel, and make our own dinner. When anyone tells you Scandinavia is expensive, they aren’t wrong!

I’m not sure if we ended up saving any money by swinging through Oslo, but it was a great opportunity to see another city that we might have not otherwise visited. If you’re into the great outdoors, Oslo is a great place to fly into, to rent a car and check out the rest of beautiful Norway. For more on my Norwegian waterfall antics, check this out.

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