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Moroccan magic: Sahara daydreams and sunsets

I was in Morocco on a tour with Travel Talk. Their Adventure Morocco tour included two nights in the desert, which I was super excited but a little bit nervous for. I had no idea what to expect, and it ended up being the highlight of my trip. Abdoul was going to make it an adventure to remember.

We were split into groups and bundled up into four-wheel drives, our luggage tied to the roof racks. Our driver Mohammed (one of three Mohammed drivers), gave us a crazy grin and told us to get excited. This only added to the nerves. We stopped off for some beverages, to later be placed in the chilly biiiins, and set off for the Sahara.

Cruising through the sand dunes, I couldn’t stop leaning forward to peer out the windscreen. Literally sand for Africa. Rolling mounds as far as the eye could see, and then some.

Sahara daydreams - 4WD missions into the desert

We got pulled over by Abdoul, who yelled at all our drivers, “they have paid for adventure, let’s show them adventure!” Holding on for dear life, we were flying over dunes, sand flicking up everywhere. One poor girl in my truck had lost her bags at the airport, where she must have packed her sense of adventure, because she cried and screamed the whole time. Abdoul was hanging out the window of his car in front of us, calling like a cowboy, “lalalalala!”

We stopped to take photos, and I couldn’t stop blinking. It all looked photoshopped. Even looking back at photos now I’m amazed at just how magic it all is. The wind creates ripples that look like waves have run across them.

Piling onto the car roof, we headed for the campsite. They slowed the pace a little – there is such a thing as too much adventure. Pulling into the camp, I was amazed at how luxurious the camping was. Our tents all had four beds, complete with iron bed frame, mattresses, blankets, and pillows. And rugs down on the floor so we didn’t kick up too much sand.

Sahara daydreams - 4WD headed for camp

Tasked with finding firewood for the fire proved interesting. Turns out deserts don’t have a whole lot of trees…we managed to find some, and trekked back, proud of our efforts.

Sahara daydreams - firewood hunting in the desert

We had a delicious dinner, tucked around little tables in the dining hut, and then sat up on a dune to watch the sunset, that Abdoul assured us, was the best in the world. And he wasn’t wrong. Some camels wandered past, and the whole event was incredible. I kept turning to watch the sky behind us too, which changed colours so many times.

Sahara daydreams - sunset over the Sahara desert

Back to camp, we sat around the campfire in the dark, singing along with our drivers. They taught us some of their songs, and we tried and failed to sing some of ours. There was a lot of humming where we forgot the words. Our pre-cooled drinks made for some jolly conga lines around the campfire.

Sahara daydreams - sunset across the desert camp

As everyone started to head for bed, Abdoul told us we might want to watch the moon rise. Scurrying up a nearby sand dune, we sat, in silence, and watched the white light slowly creep over the sand in front of us. It was so impressive, the almost full moon lighting up the whole sky. It’s a moment I’ll remember forever.

It was the most perfect end to a serious adventure. I had the best sleep I’d had in a long time, so content and happy, in such an alien world. Sahara daydreams really do come true.


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