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How to find cheap brunch in London

It’s a well known fact that Kiwis love brunch. Australians do too, but I’m a Kiwi, so I can quite happily state for the record that we love brunch. On a weekend in NZ, you’ll find most footpaths overflowing with brunchers. It’s totally acceptable to brunch anytime between breakfast and dinner. Moving to London, I found it really hard at first to continue on our weird tradition of eating smashed avo any time of day. But I’ve found a few, which I’m willing to share. They tend to be antipodean owned, so you know they will be good. They also happen to be pocket-friendly, which is a London rarity.

Truth in Hammersmith - cheap brunch in London

Truth in Hammersmith:

I used to live super close to Truth, why is why it’s a personal favourite. But even with my bias, it’s still my go-to now, even though it’s out of the way. They recently had a slight change of menu, and put their prices up slightly, but it’s still fabulous. I can’t look past their vege breakfast, but they also do mean pancakes, French toast, and big breakfasts. All with generous helpings of everything, including avocado when required. Their bread is made fresh, and is always so good. They also do sandwiches and burgers for lunch, and their sweet potato fries are on point. Their smoothies are delicious, I’ve tried to replicate some, that’s how good they are. All meals are under £10, sandwiches are more like £5.

Proud Mary’s in Shepherd’s Bush:

This used to be the Hummingbird cafe, but they seem to be doing ok now, making Mary proud. The bright yellow interior is funky, and their predominately Australian wait staff are super friendly. The coffee is excellent, and their breakfasts are amazing too. Most meals are about £8, and all sound amazing. It’s too hard to make a choice!

Proud Mary's in Shepherd's Bush - cheap brunch in Londo

The Bach – Hoxton and Broadway Market:

‘Bach’ is Kiwi slang for beach house. In summer, most people spend a lot of time at their baches. Not to be confused with the classical composer, it’s pronounced batch. Their food is great, and all the staff are really chatty. I spent nearly three hours at the Hoxton one with a friend, and never felt rushed to leave. They have a punga tree (New Zealand fern) growing in the cafe, to add to the Kiwi touch. I follow them on instagram, and their food and baking always makes me wish I lived closer. They also do a bottomless brunch, £17 for all you can drink Prosecco for two hours, and a dish of your choice. Considering the meals are £8-9, you wouldn’t have to drink much to get your money’s worth!

Federation coffee at Brixton market:

The smashed avo really is something else here. Sunflower seeds, coriander and chillis really give it a special touch. Their coffee is wonderful too. They have a loyalty stamp card system for their coffee too, which is great. Always nice to be rewarded for your addictions.

Salon at Brixton market:

Their ‘not avocado on toast’ is incredible. Made of cannellini beans, it was so creamy. Staunch avocado supporters, my friend and I were extremely impressed. Again, their coffee is perfect. Their sweet treats all look amazing too!

Kiwi or not, hopefully you’ve found some brunchspiration in this list. It’s not very secret that it’s hard to find good coffee and cheap brunch in London, but these should help set you right if you find yourself in need of some green toast.

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  1. Just wonderful tips .. brunch is such a treat .. possibly the ‘main’ meal of the day. I love you new typeface .. so easy to read .. just a few more pictures, because I am greedy for your pictures would be nice.

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