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The five best spots to watch a European sunset

I’ve seen a lot of fabulous sunsets in the last few years. If you, Iike me, love a good sunset, check out this list. Voted by me, these are the five best spots to watch a European sunset.

Zadar, Croatia:

The locals all claim this is the best sunset spot in Europe, and for good reason. Sitting in front of the sea organ, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the atmosphere. And there’s the added bonus when the sun goes down of the salutation to the sun. It’s a massive solar powered light up floor, representing the sun and planets. Think massive disco floor. Winning.

Sunset and sea organ in Zadar

Santorini, Greece:

The typical sunset-watching spot in Santorini is Oia. I watched it from a poolside cliff, which meant we didn’t have to stand in the streets amongst the crowds waiting hours for the sunset. For more on that, click here. Another cheeky place is Santo wines. If you turn up a few hours before sunset, you can try a whole wine tasting platter, and watch the sunset in style.

Picture perfect sunset in Santorini

San Sebastián, Spain:

This one is an absolute stunner. And it only gets better as the sun slips into the ocean. Top it off with an icecream from Broadway (only the world’s greatest!) and you’re away laughing!

San Sebastián: one of the great spots to watch a European sunset

Kotor, Montenegro:

Again the locals claim this is the best sunset in all of Europe. And they might just about be right. The sky is on fire as the sun sets behind the mountains. The whole valley is alive with colour. And the trek to the fortress is totally worth the sweat for a sunset like this.

Sky on fire watching the sunset in Montenegro

Sahara, Morocco:

This may or may not technically count as Europe, but I’m not fussy! It was one of the most impressive sunsets I’ve ever come across. Watching the sun slowly drop across the sand dunes that carry on forever, it truly was incredible. Add a few camel silhouettes and you’ve got yourself a very pretty picture. Shoutout to the camels for making it all the more magical.

Views over the Sahara just before sunset

So there you have it! Is there anywhere else you think should be on the list? I’d love to hear where you think are the best spots to watch a European sunset.

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  1. Admittedly I’ve never been to any of these awesome sounding places, but I’d say that the greatest thing about sunsets is that they happen everyday, everywhere! Although they do look especially epic in some locations 🙂

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