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My five best travel experiences to date

Every time I travel is magical for me. I try to always embrace the experience, and talk to new people, and try everything I can. I have had a few highlights though, which I’d like to share with you. Read on for my five best travel experiences.


The country probably holds a little extra magic for me, being the first place I travelled solo. But regardless, I think it always would have stolen my heart. From the kindness and joy of the Nepalese, to the stunning Himalayas, I fell in love instantly. Being in the country in a major earthquake shake couldn’t shake my love for this place. The whole Nepali experience is one I will treasure forever.

The Sahara:

I was secretly quite nervous to spend two nights in the desert. Maybe it was The Mummy movies that really did me no favours, imagining giant pouncing scorpions and sandstorms. I needn’t have worried. Watching the sun set across the bare expanse of sand in front of us, in dead silence, was beyond incredible. And then dancing around the campfire to drums, our laughter filling the night air, I had to laugh at how I’d been nervous. Our guide told us it was worth watching the moon rise. We climbed up a dune to watch as it crept across, its silver light slowly illuminating a peak at a time. It was a while different kind of magic.

Euro Disney:

Maybe it was the fact it was Christmas Day. Maybe it was that I got to spend it with my sister. It could be that I’m the hugest kid at heart and it was all so amazing!! If you find yourself an orphan at Christmas, this is the place to forget all your worries and have the most magical day ever. Click here for the full rundown of the day!


Every part of this beautiful city was amazing. Good Morning hostel felt like home from the second I walked in the door. And everything, from walking tours to surfing to bike missions was magical. I’m constantly looking at flights trying to work out how I can sneak off here all over again.

Sailing around the Greek islands:

Whenever I need a happy place, this is always it. When things all get too much, and I need to imagine sun and sea, the Greek islands swim into view and everything is ok. I spent a few days on land in Santorini, where I managed to do a day trip around the island. I then did a week sailing around. The food, the people, and the sunshine made it the best ten days ever.

These are the five experiences that stick out for me, but I could go on forever! What’s the one experience you’ve had that you hold closest?

— She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to a flamenco guitar —

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