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How to get free healthcare in Europe

This is a life hack and a half! I found this one out about a year after living in the U.K. and travelling through Europe, and was so gutted I didn’t find out earlier.

If you are working in the U.K., you can apply for what is known as an EHIC card. It entitles you to the same healthcare as what the locals would pay, wherever you happen to be in Europe. It obviously pays to still have travel insurance, but this could be the difference between you paying out hundreds, and then waiting for months to be reimbursed.

I had to go to the doctors once in Greece, and it set me back €100. Not the end of the world, but it’s still money I could have spent at the time on Long Island iced teas watching the sunset! And if you’ve never done a travel insurance claim, they can be such a nightmare.

Save yourself the hassle, by clicking this little link here and get saving!!

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