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How to travel cheap on trains

There are so many life hacks I wish I’d known earlier for travel and living in the U.K. Some are more common knowledge than others, and some are downright genius.

The first one you should know about if you’re moving to the U.K. and you’re lucky enough to be 25 or under, is the 16-25 railcard. If you’re not quite youthful enough to fall into that category, but have a vaguely significant other that you travel with, there’s a two-together one that gets you the same deal.

It’ll set you back £30 (or £60 for the together card) but it’s worth its weight in any kind of heavy metals. If you’re really clever and will be over 25 soon, buy a three year one so you can keep using it, even once you’re over the hill.

You even get to pick whatever photo you fancy, they seem to approve almost anything. Mine is super pixelated but no one seems stressed.

It sounds like a bit of money, but it pays itself off in a few weeks. It’s generally about 30% off, but can sometimes work out to be more than that.

I got a train to Scotland, which was £100, and it brought it down to about £60. Money made back in one go.

You can also link it to your Oyster card, for 30% off travel at off-peak times. This is so ideal, on weekends and off peak travel I can’t spend more than £5, and during the week my train is £1 instead of £1.70.

It may sound like unnecessary savings, but trust me, in London you’ll need all the help you can get!

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